Singer Ogya Mensah De Voice Tells Politicians To Be Serious With Ghanaian In New Single “Get Serious”

Singer Ogya Mensah De Voice formerly of Akesifuor  is asking the politicians to be serious with the citizens of the country in his new single “Get Serious”.

“I don’t see any seriously in this country, it looks like everything is a joke and as a country who wants to move forward, we really need to get serious and fix the necessary things.”

“Politicians think they can take Ghanaians for granted and do whatever they want. All they think is themselves, friends and family. Ghanaians are now descending and I want them to hold any political leader accountable if they fail to deliver” he told Graphic Showbiz in an interview.Get Serious Inlay

Get Serious – Ogya Mensah De Voice

Get Serious (Acoustic) – Ogya Mensah De Voice

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