Silly Question: Who is Yvonne Nelson? Lil Win asks

A tweet between lovely and recently lovelorn star actress, Yvonne Nelson and popular Kumasi-based actor, Lil Win, was bound to attract  attention beyond the twitter sphere.

Especially when the tweet read:  “It’s official i love ‘lilwynn’ the actor… he’s funny. Geez,” from Yvonne and Lil Win replied  “Am luv you paa. I say i marry u” the attention was bound to be considerable.

Most people who read the tweet between Yvonne and Lil Win last week interpreted it as the start of good relationship between an English speaking actor and a Twi speaking actor against the backdrop of suspicions that actors of the English type are considered snobs who look down on their Twi counterparts.

But when Showbiz called Lil Win, real name, Kojo Nkansah, last Friday to find out how he felt about his “new relationship” with Yvonne, the “Azonto Ghost” star rather expressed surprise at the question.

“Who is Yvonne Nelson?” he asked, “And who said I am in love with her?  I have not said anything like that and I don’t even know anything about that tweet you are talking of.

“I am very sure it is someone  who is using my name to do that. I dont know anything about all the twitter you’re talking about. Tell me, what do they do there?” he queried.

Lil Win said he had ever facebooked, tweeted or skyped before.” I’m just not into those internet activities so I don’t use them.

He told Showbiz that the first time he heard about Facebook, someone had impersonated him on Facebook  to solicit for funds. “This Yvonne’s issue you are asking me, I am sure it is somebody who did that.

“People are using the internet to engage in undesirable activities and they want to damage my reputation with it. I want people to know that I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or the others. I am also pleading with those who impersonate me to put a stop to it because it is criminal. And for Yvonne’s case, I have a girlfriend so I can’t love her” he said.

Culled from Graphic Showbiz

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