Should Reggie Rockstone be dropped by GLO for dishonesty?

Reggie RockstoneWe all know the idiom ‘honesty is the best policy.’ That even in situations where it is useful to lie, you should always say the truth. It is even a more serious issue when brand ambassadors tell lies to the public and their fans alike.

A brand ambassador represents an organization in a positive manner. It takes skills and a certain amount of expertise and integrity to be a good brand ambassador

It is critical that a brand ambassador be an effective and clear communicator. The ambassador needs to speak and enunciate clearly. He or she also must sense how best to communicate what needs to be conveyed.

On the 18th April 2013 at Aphrodisiac night club, Reggie Rockstone was interviewed by Gladys Owiredu host of the MultiTV Showbiz review, concerning speculations that he would be one of the Judges at the X-Factor. He denied such development and few days later, he tweeted that he is one of the judges.

Why did he lie about it? Only Reggie can answer that, but there are implications for dishonesty.

Depending on how Glo position themselves, if conscious of what their brand ambassadors are doing. As a brand, you buy into the attributes of the star, and if you don’t get those, then you have a right to question the relationship.

Glo may also decide to give him a second chance since a lot of efforts has gone into the X factor preparation, and pulling out will affect the entire plan but that does not speak good of Glo as well.

Source: Chuks

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