Should Pastors Support Manhood Viewing Before Marriage?

Jessica Opare Saforo has revealed that at her church, her pastor supports the idea of manhood viewing before blessing the marriage.

She made the comment while discussing a report that a Nigerian woman had filed for divorce one week after marriage because she couldn’t handle the size of his partner’s manhood.

“I remember being in church one day, when my pastor was preaching about things like this… What the pastor did say though is, ‘women should ask to see [the manhood].’ They have to look at it to be sure because you can look at the size to be sure is if it’s something you can live with,” she said on Viasat1’s Celebrity Fanzone.

When asked by the co-host Akosua Hanson if the same principle could be applied to women, Jessica brushed it aside, adding, “I agree if you are not even going to go the whole nine yards [pre-marital sex] but you should see [manhood].”

Fresh Prince, who was on the show with the other members of 4×4 music group, however maintained that he believed the Nigerian woman in question should have been intimate (sexually) with her partner before the marriage.

“I think she should have ‘tasted’ that thing before marriage. I don’t believe when women say I don’t want to have sex before marriage.”_main_penissize

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