Should Mr Ibu be engaged in such useless movies?

Does Nollywood really have a censorship scheme that is effective?

The pride of African Movies is buttressed on the drama, comedy, religious, and educative appeal it provides viewers who spend hard earned money to buy DVD’s and watch pretty much every new movie that becomes available. But when the quality gets degraded and becomes blatant useless content, then Nollywood unfortunately derails the vital appeal that makes it unique.

What’s more interesting is that Mr Ibu in the last couple of months has issued many advisory statements including this; “Every guy wants to marry a DECENT girl. The question is who will marry the ones you spoilt?”

If he makes such statements, shouldn’t he therefore know better in being selective of the kind of movies he acts in? What’s going on? Join the discussion by sharing your thoughts below.

Mr Ibu

Mr Ibu

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