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Short Film: Watch Pascal Aka’s “Her First Time” Featuring Esi Yamoah

From the stables of Breakthrough Studios under the tutelage of writer, producer and director Pascal Aka comes a brand new romantic short film entitled “Her First Time”.

With an interesting story, “Pressured to give into the man’s desire, a young lady has to decide if she is ready to do it for the first time”, “Her First Time” features Esi Yamoah and Pascal Aka who doubles as the director.

Warning: Watch to the end before judging.

Esi Yamoah in 'Her First Time'

Esi Yamoah in ‘Her First Time’


Pascal Aka in 'Her First Time'

Pascal Aka in ‘Her First Time’

Esi Yamoah

Esi Yamoah

Pascal Aka

Pascal Aka

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