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Kimora, House Of Fab: Kimora Lee Simmons leads an enchanted life. She’s a mother to three beautiful children, ex-wife of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, an internationally renowned model, and one of fashion’s most successful entrepreneurs. Style pulls back the curtain on the sleek office of JustFab, the fashion industry’s internet phenomenon and reveals just what it takes for a thriving young company to succeed. Kimora is set on leaving her mark but to do that she needs to move the company and its staff to the next level. This means managing big personalities with bigger egos, making some tough decisions in the office and managing some of her team’s diva behaviour. (GOtv: Wednesdays at 21:10 CAT). 


Hollywood Close Up: Hollywood Close Up looks into the lives and careers of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, From Denzel Washington to Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez. With interviews from the stars themselves as well as their co-stars and friends, tune in to get a different side of Hollywood’s leading men and women. (GOtv: Wednesdays at 20:00 CAT)


3 Rounds Wit Ronda Rousey: Ronda Rousey is a trendsetter and most notably, a record-breaker. She is the first woman to fight in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion) and is an American mixed martial artist champion. Tune in to see her talk about her life as a sportswoman, love, blood, sweat and tears with Jabbin’ JJ as they track her career and her championship victories. (GOtv: Wednesday, 08 May at 20:30 CAT) 

American Ninja 5: Desperate to help his rebellious grandnephew, the last true ninja, Master Tetsu, sends him to his best student, Joe, to learn the ways of the ninja and how to be a disciplined warrior. Joe is an “American Ninja” trained by famous and skilful Master Tetsu. However, Joe is soon roped into a rescue mission when a scientist’s daughter is kidnapped by a group of terrorists and he has to team up with the Master’s young grandnephew to find her. (GOtv: Friday, 10 May at 19:00 CAT).


Artscape The New African Photograpy: Nigerian photographer George Osodi photographs the grim reality of oil rich Niger Delta and meets Nigeria’s traditional monarchs. George’s on-going project, Oil Rich Niger Delta, brought attention to the environmental problems in the area and made him one of Nigeria’s most sought-after photographers. Tune in to this film to follow George as he continues to document the devastating effects of oil spills in the wetland region and see how he tackles his newest project on Nigeria’s traditional monarchs. (GOtv: Tuesday 07 May at 23:30 CAT; and Thursday, 09 May 16:30 CAT)


The Wedding Singer: Starring the delightful Drew Barrymore and the comical Adam Sandler, this movie is one of those romantic comedies that never seem to date. Set in the fashion-challenged 1980s, The Wedding Singer is a charming and quirky love story about a musician trying to make ends meet by singing at weddings. When his long-time girlfriend abandons him at the altar of his own wedding, he develops a cynical and sceptical attitude until he meets and falls in love with a waitress who helps him get his life back on track. However there is one obstacle that could ruin his happily-ever-after with her: she’s engaged and has asked him to sing at her own wedding. Filled with great ‘80s music and fantastically dodgy hairstyles and outfits, this movie will not only take you down memory lane but remind you of the sweetness of new and quirky love. (GOtv: Saturday, 11 May at 20:00 CAT)


Kourtney And Kim Take Miami: Miami, the Kardashians are in town! Kourtney and Kim Kardashian have hit Miami and are ready to have fun. Riding on the success of their chain of fashion boutique stores, join the socialite siblings as they relocate to Miami to oversee the opening of another store. Kim takes her love of detective work to a new level when she starts working with a private investigator and Kourtney’s post-pregnancy weight gains starts to get her down. Khloe’s new hosting job on the ‘The X Factor’ turns out to be more stressful than she imagined and she starts to lash out at her family. (GOtv: Sundays at 21:00 CAT)


Shoot The Hero: A young couple shopping for wedding rings witness a jewel heist gone wrong and they became the target of a vicious mob boss determined to get rid of any witnesses to the crime. Meanwhile, two brothers find themselves stranded on the road and are hopelessly drawn into the fiasco when they accept a ride from the fleeing couple. Amidst the panic, bullets and car chases, the pressure of being on the run starts to become too much for the young couple and they start finding out new things about themselves and their relationship. Starring Jason Mewes, Danny Trejo and Samantha Lockwood, catch this action comedy about being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and trusting love to carry you through the difficult moments. (GOtv: Monday, 13 May at 21:00 CAT) 

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