VIDEO: When Shirley Frimpong Manso stopped Nana Akua Addo and Zynnell Zuh from reuniting at Ghana Movie Awards 2016


They were not the best of friends prior to being on each other’s neck for ‘backbiting’. Yes but actresses Nana Akua Addo and Zynnell Lydia Zuh had the “Hello, how are you doing” type of relationship and nothing more.

At the just ended Ghana Movie Awards held at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, Co-MC and comedian DKB tried to reunite the two at the event but that didn’t happen.

“Why were you people fighting?” the comedian asked the two actresses when they were invited on stage. reported that, actress Zynnell Zuh appeared stunned and taught it was one of DKB’s numerous jokes. “eerm she [Nana Akua Addo] had problem with Bibi Bright and Bibi is not here”.

“…Ahhh so there was a main fighter, so three women can fight… Boys does it make sense? But for the mean time the two of you should hug” said DKB.

Zynnell Zuh and Nana Akua Addo

Zynnell Zuh and Nana Akua Addo

While the crowd were clapping for both actresses to unite and hug for peace, award winning movie producer Shirley Frimpong-Manso walked up to the stage and said “I think this is not right they are mature and they know what to do.”

Watch what transpired at the Ghana Movie Awards 2016

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