Shatta Wale & Yaa Pono feud: Let’s channel our beefing energies into solving our industry problems – Music Publisher Enock Agyepong

Music Publisher and Copyright Advocate, Enock Agyepong is calling on Ghanaian musicians to channel and use their energies to solve the numerous problems that have plagued the music industry than wasting it on beefing each other needlessly.

“Energy when channeled into the right stuff yields good results,” the CEO of Speech Production commented about the ongoing feud between Dancehall act Shatta Wale and rapper Yaa Pono.

The feud between the two musicians have been trending on social media in the past few days with many music enthusiasts divided over which of the two may be winning the ‘war’ of words.

According to him, “Our industry is bedeviled with lots of problems like Piracy, Payola, Royalties deficiencies, No login systems and a whole lot and instead of joining forces to fight these ill we are rather beefing ourselves.”

“It seems nothing seems to work in our industry today apart from beef. Yes we all once in a while enjoy these beefs if only its healthy but the question is must it take over the whole industry where now every artist wants to beef every artist?”

“GHAMRO elections is just around the corner and none of our energetic young artist will go in and vote not to even talk of to contest for a Board Member position.”

“This culture of beefing didn’t start today and there are examples but I believe it’s time to change our thinking and channel our energies properly because we can’t continue to fight ourselves in our youthful days and when we are old and weary that’s when we come to GHAMRO to fight for royalties.”

“Our DJs are not playing our songs, radio stations are not logging in, TV stations are not paying royalties, CD sales have been taken over by piracy and shows are being played by the same few artist yet we are spending our precious time beefing each other just for some few event organizers to benefit to the detriment of the industry as a whole.”

“Let’s begin to care about each other. Let’s begin to think of how we can change the industry for the best for that’s the only way to secure a solid future. Let’s together build a better future today.”

Enock Agyepong was speaking with GhanaGist.Com.

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