Shatta Wale diss Samini again

shatta and saminiJust some months ago on the Bass Awards Nominees Jam, Shatta Wale apologized to Kaakie, Charter House and Samini and said boldly he will wish to do collaboration with Samini. And on some interviews later, he did mention that he seriously wish to do a collaboration with Samini.

He made an official song for Kaakie as an apology anthem and even mounted stages on the ‘’Kaakitup Tour’’ to express his remorse. But for the other two parties; no song was heard from him and nothing evident is to prove his regret and attitude.

Also, nothing was heard from Samini or his camp if he has accepted the apology and willing to jump on a song with Shatta Wale.

Last Saturday, I woke up to see an update of a song on Shatta Wale’s official facebook page. It was a letter to Sarkodie, a reply to Sarkodie’s- Shatta Wale song.

But my keen interest was with the second verse when Shatta Wale attests to the fact that Yoggi Doggi murdered Samini lyrically. And also said Samini was lyrically weak.

‘’True! Yoggi Doggi murder some funny man. You see it, you say it…now demma talk. Haahaa! Some boy a lyrically weak…demma lyrically weak…why dem f*** pink shit’’

I wonder if really the Dancehall King ina di-whole Ghana, Shatta Wale regret his dire attitude towards the African dancehall king, Samini. So was that a gimmick on stage by Shatta Wale or he was playing politics to win the mass fans of Samini.

I ask; will there be another diss song if Charter House refuse Shatta Wale with the Best Artiste Of The Year 2013 plaque next year?


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