Shan George: Tomatoes were thrown at me for snatching a friend’s husband

Shan George

Shan George

Shan George has not been in movies recently but still has appeal with fans and wields influence among her peers.

In the interview below, she discusses effects of scandals, rumors about a third marriage, and regrets of being an actress:

How does scandals and controversies affect you?
As a human being, such things affect me. How we cope with it is what makes us different. For me, I see it as the hazard of the profession. Fortunately, my children are adults and can decipher truth from falsehood. Truth is, when people write false comments about you, those who are very close to you (your family) always know the truth. They are those who matter to me. Once you have a clear conscience, then there is no fear.

On rumors of her third marriage?
There was no third marriage. Actually, it was a role I played in a movie. Entitled ‘Heartbreak’, it was shot late last year in Abuja. In the movie, I got married and the production pictures circulated in the media as part of publicity stunt for the movie. Then, some media people got hold of it and said I got married! It was just a movie wedding not a real one.

On regrets about being an actress?
Yes. I do nurse regrets when people assume you are the roles you interpret in films. It is make-believe and if you don’t do it well, no producer comes for you again. The number two challenge of acting is the fact that people think you are what they see in movies. If you were living in a big house or you are a big Abuja babe and then when they see you in real life they want to see you in that wealthy appearance and opulence which is not in existence and then it has a psychological effect on those acting.

There was a time I was pelted with tomatoes at Alade market because some of those people believed I snatched my friend’s husband in a movie! That aside, some actors act as rich men/women in films and cannot extricate themselves from such roles in reality. They now live beyond their means and get involved in scandals because they are so desperate to meet with the standard. I am not a victim of that anyway.

On exposing skin for movie roles?
Yes, that was then. Now, I reject some scripts not because they would not pay me, (in fact, they are willing to pay double) but because of obscenity. Recently, I was invited to shoot a film in Ghana and I rejected the script because it exposes a lot of my body as a character in the movie. The producer was willing to pay me thousands of dollars but I refused.

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