SèxTalk Forum for Correctional Center Inmates

Kaylers Communications, the organizers of the reproductive health forum called SèxTalk Forum organized a seminar for inmates of the Senior Correctional Training Center, formerly known as the Borstal Home at Roman Ridge in Accra on Saturday August 24, 2013.

The forum was spearheaded by Councilor and Reverend George Lutterodt who spoke to the inmates and some of the Officers present about safe sèx practices, self esteem, forgiveness and some general issues concerning what brought them to the institution and how they can cope and relate to the outside world when they get done with their time in the center.

Sakyiwaa Mensah spoke to the inmates on issues relating to their teenage years and on HIV\AIDS pandemic and the advances that have come up so far. There was a question and answer session where the inmates especially asked various questions concerning their reproductive health and also voiced out some of the myths they know concerning sèx, safe sèx, abstinence and HIV\AIDS.

The forum was graced with the presence of Musician, Becca and the Country Coordinator of the UNAIDS, Mr Girmay Haile. Becca, speaking in Twi told the inmates about how they can still pursue their dreams and that they should take their studies seriously. She also cautioned them on HIV\AIDS. The inmates were elated and got into a bit of conversation with her, with some asking to want to dance for her in one of her music videos.

One of the Officers in charge of the Center talked about what they do at the Center and asked for more help from the general public. He mentioned that they have various workshops where the inmates get training for various vocational skills. They also have a Junior High school where some inmates have been enrolled and pursing formal education. Some of them, he said, are in Senior High schools outside the Center and are still pursuing their education.

The Center needs help with regards to food, school supplies, materials and equipment for the various workshops and is appealing to the general public to come to their aid.

Becca and Rev Lutterodt

Becca and Rev Lutterodt

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