Séx scandals hit Movie Industry

We can all attest that the most aged and formal mode of selecting actors and actresses for a production is through auditioning. Yet, there are back door ways of doing it too; one of which is by cash and the other by séx.

The cash goes for actors whereas séx goes for the actresses of which the latter is becoming predominant.

Directors, Production Managers, Location Managers and other caucus in the production do employ damsels unto their set with an intension of gaining lustful pleasures from them.

These unscrupulous fellows promise to cast these damsels on condition of warming their beds. It is after this diabolic act that these movie moguls do their casting, yet still others are still denied roles after the act. There has been countless times, I’ve heard this evil plies from colleague actresses.

Winn Dravie, the brain behind “Woes of Zulata” has also affirmed his status; “Thank God, I’m not a lady. Like, I’d be opening my legs for every Tom, Dick and Harry”.

Despite this, there are already some minx who venture the industry with purpose of selfishly offering themselves to gain illicit advantage. These have crafted disgraceful names like “player”, “shashie”, “magbon” etc for them. This is why most religious bodies and some guardians do not want their members and wards to venture this industry respectively.

One may ask why I’m poking my long nose into course, which has nothing doing with me. Well, this has got everything and more doing with me. As a movie stakeholder, would not sit down to watch this corruptness to eat into our moral fiber.

Engaging in séxual activities with an unmarried person utterly makes one disloyal. Séxual Transmitted Diseases including; HIV-AIDS, Gonorrhea, Syphilis etc can be passed on from one to the other. Above all, it would be nothing but reproach to the industry as a whole.

I’m thereby making a clarion call on all sundries of the industry to fight this evil sting.

Merci Beaucoup.

By Felix Acqaye

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