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Senegalese rapper, Didier Awadi tells Ghanaians to promote the Highlife Music

Okyeame Kwame and Didier Awadi

Okyeame Kwame and Didier Awadi

Senegalese musician, activist and entrepreneur, Didier Awadi has advised Ghanaian musicians to promote High Life music. He opines that even in terms of rapping, the artiste can identify it with the Ghanaian originated genre, High Life by rapping on highlife music.

He was recently hosted by Okyeame Kwame to feature on Okyeame Kwame’s song for his upcoming album “African Connection” in Ghana.

“You have a nice music which is High Life”, says Awadi. ‘’Don’t let it die. Promote it. That is the key of success. That’s my advice; keep it, protect it, make it shine every day. You have to be inspired by your own culture,” he advised.

Didier Awadi is the most visible figure of Francophone West African Hip Hop. His contribution to structuring the musical sector in Senegal  is perceptible through his label, recording studio (Studio Sankara) and event organization.

In an interview with this reporter, Awadi reveals that the model of the Ghana Music Industry inspired the Senegal Music Industry. A typical example was the inception of the copyright law.We have been really inspired by the Ghanaian model and experience of the music industry. When we talk about copyright law Senegal took a lesson from the example of Ghana and that’s how we have our new law and society for copyright today. I think the business is organized here”.

Awadi offers a conscious and revolutionary music strengthened by articulated and rooted messages. His motivation and inspiration stands in the Burkinabé revolutionary, Thomas Sankara‘s phrase: “Let’s dare invent our future!”

By Edmund A. Sakyi

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