Selly’s involvement with Nando threatens to break hiplife group, Praye? #BBATheChase

Selly might have rescinded her decision to drag Tanzania’s housemate, Nando to court for falsely accusing her of infecting him with Chlamydia, a Sexual Transmitted Disease.

However, their escapade is threatening to break-up the Hiplife group, Praye, GhanaGist.Com told.

Ever since Praye Tintin was painfully forced out of the Praye group, the remaining two members Praye Honeho and Praye Tietia have struggled to make another hit despite releasing several songs.

Reports has it that, even though the group Praye has been struggling to get their bearings, the tension got worst when one of the members, Praye Tietia’s (Steven Fiawoo) girlfriend of 4 years, Selly represented Ghana at the Big Brother Africa The Chase and allegedly had sexual intercourse on live television with Nando.

Eugene Baah, the leader of the group was said to have warned his partner not to accept Selly back since, he believed her involvement with Nando has dragged their name in the mud.

Not ready to heed to the above advice, Praye Tietia was then given the option to jilt Selly and be in the group or be with her and leave the group. It appears Praye Tietia also known as Big Jay is not ready to jilt his girlfriend, hence Praye Honeho has decided to move out from the group and pursue solo career.

During last Saturday’s Entertainment Review on Peace FM, Praye Honeho was called to either confirm or deny the story. Even though, he did not directly answer the question, his reply to the question was very insulting.

Instead of answering the question, he asked the host to find their released two singles ‘Assembly Man’ and ‘Forever Young’ and play to the listeners and after call him back and suddenly cut the phone.

Listen to the audio below:

Praye Tietia and Praye Honeho

Praye Tietia and Praye Honeho

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