See why ladies are not easy to satisfy


It’s another day and it seems the mood is already getting set for the Easter holiday and we decided ease some of the complains of the guys who keep sending us mails.

Before we continue, we must state here that most of the mails channeled in this week are about guys complaining that it’s not easy to satisfy their ladies.

But why is that the case? We may not be totally right, but below are some of the answers we tried churning but we took it from another angle by first passing across the 7 complex facts about ladies…

1. They want a guy who has money.

2. They don’t save, but go out and buy expensive clothes.

3. They buy expensive clothes, but don’t have anything to wear.

4. They say they don’t have what to wear, but always dress sexy.

5. They dress beautifully, but are never satisfied with their looks.

6. They’re never satisfied, but still expect their man to compliment them.

7. When they meet a man who compliments them, they don’t believe him.

Hence, men now you know why ladies are not ‘very’ easy to satisfy. Just keep trying…lol!

Source: 247NG


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