See Video and photos: The Making Of Friction’s new video ‘Taki Taki’ 

‘Taki Taki’ is the new single of one of Holland’s top Reggae/Afro artists Friction. It’s a Reggae song with a message; to stay humble and not to talk bad about others.

Although the official video is not out yet, the audio version of ‘Taki Taki’ is already making waves, as people find the message in it very recognizable and love the cool vibe of the song.

In January 2017 Friction shot the video, which will be out within a couple of weeks from now.

Before that time, you can enjoy the Behind The Scenes Video which was made on the shooting day. It gives a sneak peek of the official video itself, and shows a lot of cool reggae vibes:

The official video of ‘Taki Taki’ will be out by the end of February.

Meanwhile Friction is making moves as usual; his tour agenda for 2017 is already filling up, with multiple live shows every month, and in between he is recording new music. So get ready for Friction’s irrisistable and unique Reggae music.

‘Taki Taki’ on Bandcamp:

‘Taki Taki’ on Spotify:






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