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Second Edition of S*xTalk Forum on May 17

The second edition of the reproductive health forum dubbed “The S*xTalk Forum” is set to come off this Friday, May 17, 2013 at the Kama Conference Center at 6PM.

The forum, which is free for the public will feature three Resource Persons who will each talk about certain aspects of reproductive health, centering on s*x education. Dr. Koma Jehu-Appiah, the Country Director of IPAS will take the audience through the various contraceptive options available and teach them how to ultimately be careful enough to avoid unwanted pregnancies and disease transfer.

Mrs. Flora Sackey, a Councilor will talk to the audience about self esteem. Arguably, to be able to pass on the right information from one person to the other, one has to be confident in themselves and be knowledgeable in the information being passed on.

Rev Councelor George Carstensen Lutterodt will talk on how to educate one’s self and how to pass on that information to other people.

The aim of the S*xTalk Forum, according to Sakyiwaa Mensah, the organizer, is to help in demystifying the silence and myths associated with s*x and reproductive health in this country.

The silence is so bad that people find it difficult to even report to hospitals to seek medical care where their reproductive health is concerned. Information regarding contraceptive usage is very low and more people are still being saddled with unwanted pregnancies and diseases.

According to Ms Mensah, every organization with a product or service on offer needs healthy people to survive. She used this platform to call on the corporate social responsibilities of organizations to support the forums and such reproductive health seminars, which will eventually travel round many Districts in Ghana.

The forum is being put together by Kaylers Communications.

Rev Lutterodt

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