Sarkodie and Asem take Ghanaian event organisers to the cleaners

Sarkodie and Asem

Sarkodie and Asem

Award winning and two of Ghana’s finest rappers have taken some event organisers in Ghana to the cleaners for their inability to respect their brand names.

Both artistes; Sarkodie and Asem, last Wednesday took to Twitter to vent their spleen on the organisers for their unprofessional conduct.

The attack on the ‘unprofessional’ event organisers started with Sarkodie. He started tweeting “Ghana event organisers always wanna play smart.. jst cos u cudnt meet ma fee n u still need ma fanbase u print posters with ma face on”.

Though he did not mention any name or didn’t give any clue whatsoever. It is believed that, his tweet was directed at the organisers of the “Guinness Big Eruption Concert” scheduled for November 23 at the Accra Sports Stadium.

The concert also features two of America’s music icons, Big Sean and Akon. It also features Ghana’s biggest act now, Shatta Wale, Dancehall specialist Samini and Nigerian starboy, Wizkid.

Posters of the show have surfaced online with Sarkodie’s face on. Clearly one of his tweets confirms that, his team made a follow up to that effect and as usual the organisers appeared confused and or perhaps didn’t have anything convincing or tangible to say.

Sarkodie tweets: “When we called them they said they don’t know who printed now they printed new one without ma face… but still first one is on sites…”. Other tweets have been reproduced below.

Asem on the other hand, is directly fighting the organisers of the “Tamale Rocks” concert which took place on November 1 in Tamale Sports Stadium. According to the rapper in his tweets, even though he was one of the billed artistes on the night, he didn’t show up.

In a story telling manner, Asem narrated (tweeted) details of his burst-up. He started “The level of un professionalism exhibited by some event org/promoters in this country is disgracefully shameful”, “Do you guys remember the show in Tamale I couldn’t go last week told yall about ?”

Unlike Sarkodie, who didn’t agree on any amount with the organisers per his tweets, Asem was paid part of the amount he charged but due to the failure of the event organisers to meet their part of the agreement led to his boycott of the show.

“Ok so some un professional event promoter who didn’t honour his end of the bargain is threatening the innocent Musician hmmm”, he tweeted.

We all agree two wrongs don’t make a right. So when an event organiser errs, must artistes also err in getting their messages across like that? In as much as most of you would disagree with the artistes for descending heavily on the event organisers in the manner, does it make sense that, event organisers go ahead and use faces of artistes they are still engaging for a show on the posters of the event or television and radio promos?

Over to you! Below are tweets from Sarkodie and Asem! 

Sarkodie’s Tweets

Ghana event organisers always wanna play smart.. jst cos u cudnt meet ma fee n u still need ma fanbase u print posters with ma face on

When we called them they said they don’t know who printed now they printed new one without ma face… but still first one is on sites…

Event organisers ve been shittin on gh musicians 4 loong

I Ve never been this type but it hurts….. show some respect… cos we deserve…

Same media gon make u look like u arrogant when u speak out cos they dun wan people 2 know da shit they do…

musicians who had so called *respect* 4 these promoters aint making a dime now!!! #fact: they only use u wen u hot…

They use our musicians like disposable plates. I won’t b selfish cos im in a safe place.. I feel 4 everyone… fans never know what goes on

They choose to meet all demands made by foreign acts … and tell me im too known cos I said I need dressing room.. WTF

We don’t ve one musician taking gh 2 da nxt level cos they get killed even b4 they get der….. But watch me… God forbid

All they waiting 4 is 4 me 2 fall so they wudn’t ve 2 go by ma rules… goodluck… they never wanna see a powerful musician

I tweet about sarkology album eerday.. no call came tru to ask me abt it.. some1 comes from usa 2 say he didn’t sign me.. now u need ma take

If fans Don know there was a meeting abt not putting me on shows after ma last gma… who’s smiling now??? #GodDecides… #fansEnjoy

When I read ignorant tweets from people… I feel 4 u cos u dunno half of wats happening in gh music

Ve never met an arrogant gh musicians b4 in ma whole life..its just da frustration! Silly tricks these event org n some media people play

Showbiz talkshows stop talking abt our flaws 4 a sec n concentrate on important issues like our videos on rotation on our national tvs


Asem Tweets

Not Forgetting that my artist image had already been used to promote the show 2 make money meanwhile Artist hadn’t been fully paid

I said arrange another flight n u didnt cos u wanted 2 cut corners, but what I want him 2 know is I’m a Kwahu Nigga n I don’t go like dat

If We All Stood On The Grounds Of Principle ppl like verus nettey’s trickery would never see the Light of Day.

Lmao chale my manager just emailed me whatsapp conversation between him and this verus nettey character, herh this guy be funny guy oh

So this verus guy booked me for a show through My Company WBDN and made down payment upon agreement that before show day all money b paid

How do you expect to leave Accra sit on a plane which could Crash To Tamale when I haven’t been fully paid my Show fee? #Verus Nettey

Management didn’t even want me to do the Show based on this verus characters behaviour with other artist in the past when it came 2 money

I only decided to Travel to Tamale to Perform for my fans based on the respect I had for the show sponsor which is British Council

Only for this questionable character to tell me to come to Tamale before I get my full payment,God forbid what if d plane crash and I die?

Verus Nettey I no send you for show ooo, I no come beg you for show your outfit called My Outfit, we gave you my terms and u agreed

For purpose of this Filla By agreeing to my terms this verus character was supposed to make down payment and pay the rest before show day

One will say what if he paid me all and I didn’t show up? There’s something called Track record and let’s just say mine is better than his

Plus As an Artiste i have certain terms and standards I adhere to and this is made known upon contact, its prerogative on u to agree or not

As a member of @Musigagh I’m calling for an inquiry into verus nettey’s character and if found non credible sanctions must follow

verus nettey is not worthy enough to work towards the welfare of Musicians cus ppl like him form the cancer killing the art@Musigagh

If action is not taken by @Musigagh against this verus nettey guy, I will withdraw my membership and all hell will break loose

This Gh Music Industry has been crying for a Revolution for years and its just hit me today that I’m the Chosen one 2 Spark it and others ff

verus nettey u won’t get a penny from me money paid to WBDN is not refundable if u don’t agree go and hang or take me to court

verus nettey is also a criminal, he threatened my manager that he will change his sleeping place, A threat to life, Police has been alerted

If only my fellow musicians, media practitioners who have fallen victim to verus nettey won’t be cowards and speak up, I will rest my case

But I know for a fact some of my colleagues are cowards so I won’t rest my case, I will rant for whole world to know who u r verus nettey

And I know der are some media men and bloggers who won’t pick this as a story cus verus is their friend but u all ur time is coming,JahKnow

#verus nettey is not alone in this fuckery there are other who exhibit similar conduct, in time all of their dark deeds will come to light

Waiting on @Musigagh and Its Presidency 2 respond to my request of an inquiry into verus nettey,at least as a member they owe me that

Lol this verus nettey guy was talking as if he is he has some super natural powers, even if he does the God I serve is Greater, fuck ur juju

If it was news about something negative against me I’m sure every journalist will pick up the story, Asem in trouble again go be the Caption

Shame to journalists/bloggers who seen my tweet, know deep down their hearts that I’m right but due to affiliation with verus is ignoring

The Gh Musician has been a Coward Of The County For A Long Time, Its Time To Rise And Claim What’s Ours, Who’s With Me

Talking bout writing a letter to Glo as if that will make me back down lol, my employer knows my value,u can go ahead n write #verus netey

I need four Strong Artists to join me so we start our own music union and redraw from @Musigagh so help me God, I rest my case

By Ebenezer Anangfio

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