Sarkodie – Ace Hood collaboration: Who Lied?

When the news of the collaboration between the Ghanaian rapper and the American rapper became public, many hailed the news; others thought it wasn’t special news enough. That’s the beauty of democracy. It’s not by force to believe or share in the opinion of others.

There were also some who were of the opinion that, the news was not true even though photos of the two rappers surfaced on the Internet to confirm that they actually met and perhaps deliberated on few things.

Ace Hood confirms the news

In the hearing it from the horse’s-own-mouth vein, the news of the collaboration was confirmed by the American rapper.

Ace Hood who is signed on DJ Khaled’s We Are The Best Music Group posted via his Facebook page to confirm that, he was working on something special with the Ghanaian rapper.

He posted “Me and bro @sarkodie1 got something special on the way ! #Massive #FromTheStates2Ghana”.

The collaboration between the SarkCess Music and We Are The Best Music Group was for real after all. The confirmation shot down earlier rumours that the news wasn’t factual.

Sarkodie and Ace Hood

Sarkodie and Ace Hood

Sarkodie’s pomposity

Talking plenty sometimes puts the talkative in lot of problems. Sarkodie must learn to talk when necessary and of course, at the right time. You just don’t talk because you have been asked a question. Sarkodie’s brand is very vibrant and growing and he must equally grow with it.

When musicians are said to have done a collaboration, it actually means when two or more musicians agree to work on a song.

At some instances, lots of work goes into the arrangement before the collaboration is done. Some sign several documents to show that they have actually agreed on working together. Others also pay huge sums of money to fellow musicians before a collaboration.

In all of this, there is a basic rule which applies in every sphere of life. Don’t kiss and tell. Like Sarkodie who always tells the world the things he does or is doing at a particular time, not everyone would want to be like that.

I mean getting the attention and a collaboration with Ace Hood is worth celebrating. It’s fine, if you disagree with it. But giving out details of how and who approached who for the collaboration is so wrong.

Realistically, if one looks at how huge and influential America is and how small Africa is, on what basis will an American rapper approach a Ghanaian rapper for a collaboration? May be that can happen once in many years.

Also, as a matter of fact, with collaborations, the parties involved look at how they can benefit from each other’s fan base or country. Really, Ace Hood enjoys some level of following from Ghana as a result of some songs he’s put out there.

What would make Ace Hood approach Sarkodie for a collaboration? What is he aiming at by featuring Sarkodie?

Sarkodie told Bola Ray and Anita Erskine on Starr Drive recently, about  what led to the collaboration saying, “When he looked at what was going on in Africa, the kind of sound he was looking for, and luckily for Sark, it was me. I didn’t really make any announcements because I kind of doubted it…which is bad. But then of course, such a call always makes you feel like its a prank or something?

“So I got my agents in the States who contacted me to inform me that Ace Hood contacted; and I was like … [taken aback], because mostly it happens the other way round when Africans try to get the attention of these people.

“Ghanaian fans might not be able to relate too much with the record New Guy, because it is not completely the style they are used to but they will go with the whole movement of me and Ace Hood.

“I’m not the young guy who started off some years ago and was always scared. It was just like a normal studio day with just anyone”.

Ace Hood reacts to Sarkodie

Obviously not happy about Sarkodie going about saying that, he, Ace Hood approached him, Sarkodie for the collaboration, he also tweeted that, he was paid $25,000 for him to feature on the song and that he didn’t do it for free as was painted by Sarkodie.

The fan who brought Ace Hood’s attention to what Sarkodie has been saying tweeted at him, “This is some bulls**t! Cuz this low ass ni**a sarkodie disrespecting Ace? The ni**a be u for sh*t! U was…”

Clearing the air, Ace Hood tweeted to the fan, “let me find out ni**as spreading false rumours! When dat 25k ($25,000) hit my [account], the feature got done! I don’t play dem games”.

Ghana logic or 16th century logic

It is not my business who approached who first  or paid what to the other party to get on the collaboration but certain things just do not add up which I want to bring to the attention of everyone.

According to Sarkodie, Ace Hood was the one who approached him for the song titled New Guy.  So it should read that, Ace Hood featuring Sarkodie but shockingly, Sarkodie is preaching Sarkodie featuring Ace Hood. This is wrong and doesn’t even make sense or add up.

When Okyeame Kwame featured J Martins from Nigeria, it read Okyeame Kwame featuring J Martins and not J Martins featuring Okyeame Kwame. The song must belong to the one who initiates the song.

Another thing which does not add up is that, when an artiste approaches another artiste for a collaboration, it’s the one who approaches the other who books the studio and others and not the one who is invited to feature on the song.

But according to Sarkodie in the interview on Starr Drive, he booked the studio and other things. This also does not make sense or add up to the whole story.

Could it be that one of them is not telling the truth in the whole collaboration saga? Well, we shall continue when we meet on the streets.

By Ebenezer Anangfio / Graphic Showbiz

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