Sandra Ankobia takes the blame for her media portrayal

Ghanaian lawyer and TV personality, Sandra Ankobia, has gone on the record to state why she took a break off social media for a year and a half.

Sandra Ankobia, on the satirical talk show, Tonight starring Andrew Tandoh Adote disclosed that she was not being portrayed in the media the way she wanted, mostly due to the kind of content she was posting on social media. She opted to get off social media for a while to rebrand herself, and now posts content that she is okay being associated with. She says people now think her posts are boring, but she is fine with that.

“The people that take their time off the media landscape or the bloggers’ sites and come to my page will see the balance that, this [fashion] is not all there is to me” the beautiful lawyer said.

“So, let them post the bikini stuff, the swimsuit stuff, but when fans come to my social media, they should realize that I am working with FIDA, I am doing counseling, I am working with the Women Institute and doing court representation and there is a balance, they will see it; all the sides there is to me not just the one the media wants to portray, she added.

The adventurous lawyer who owns a media institute, says she doubles as a lecturer, but has not had time to meet up with the students since the start of this this year because of her other commitments and engagements. She is also the Public Relations Officer of FIDA.

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