Samsung to Rock Christmas Parties with GIGA SOUND

Giga-SoundsSamsung is set rock domestic Christmas Parties with their new and innovative digital audio system, the GIGA Sound. According to Samsung the digital audio device was introduced onto the Ghanaian to redefine home entertainment with unique features that can transform every music moment into a memorable one.

“Get the party started with the Premium Hi-fi Component Audio System’s Beat Waving and 3D Beat Lighting. Visualise the high-wattage sound and experience superior sound quality. See and feel the rhythm and beat through Beat Waving which illuminates the speaker in sync with the music transforms every party place into a nightclub. The 3D Beat Lighting also perfectly flashes lights and patterns that flow with the music to rock your Christmas parties like never before” – said Mr. Richard Nunekpeku, the Marketing Manager for Consumer Electronics at Samsung Ghana.

The Premium Hi-fi Component Audio System is also designed to give consumers the perfect opportunity to be the DJ of their Christmas party making hosting parties at home this festive season easier than ever the innovative DJ Beat function. According to Mr. Nunekpeku, this function is easy to use and it is designed to give consumers the opportunity to freely control each effect to enhance the sound of the music and party.

The new GIGA Sound also provides its users with fast and flexible MP3 creation from a range of audio sources. With the built-in EZ MP3 Maker, consumers can make high-quality MP3 files via CD ripping or recording from FM radio and AUX input. The audio system also comes with a radio recording timer feature which allows an automatic recording of radio programs. “You can start recording at a particular time that you’ve set and record only for a certain length of time as you like. Samsung Audio System will give you the opportunity to enjoy all your favourite Christmas radio programs without missing out irrespective of the time schedule.” – Mr. Nunekpeku noted.

“This Premium Hi-fi Component Audio System which comes with an unprecedented 30,720 PMPO (Peak Music Power Output) is the perfect sound system for every party this Christmas with an earth-shaking sound experience aimed at delivering mesmerizing sound that will bring you to your feet”, Mr. Nunekpeku added.

He further assured customers that, the latest Samsung GIGA Sound is currently available at all authorized Samsung dealer shops across the nation.

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