Samsung Redefines Flexibility in Kitchen with New Four Door Smart Refrigerator

RF858QALAXW_003_Front-Open-With-Food_SilverSamsung Electronics West Africa has announced its expanded line-up of premium home appliance for the kitchen,  the four-door T9000 Smart Refrigerator that bring unmatched ease of use, convenience, organization and style to the kitchen.

“As the world’s fastest growing appliance brand, Samsung’s award-winning products deliver the flexibility that busy families not only need in the kitchen, but also want,” said Richard Nunekpeku, Marketing Manager for Consumer Electronics at Samsung Ghana. “Our latest four-door smart refrigerator with unsurpassed fresh food storage will transform the storing food and drinks at home easier and more fun.”

“The T9000 smart refrigerator which is the world’s largest provides 819L storage capacity.  The 543L fridge and 276L freezer is designed to enable consumers store all sizes and all kinds of foods, enriching their eating lifestyle without having to worry about available fridge space when purchasing groceries or food stuff”. Richard added. “The wide space of the fridge compartment allows consumers to store and take them out without shuffling around food items. It takes you less effort to store heavy frozen food by storing them into the low-height freezer.

In addition to being flexible and stunningly beautiful, this refrigerator also performs. To help ensure optimal temperature and humidity control, as well as performance in each of the fresh food zones, the T9000 has Samsung’s Triple Cooling system. This unique cooling technology ensures that commercial grade humidity levels are maintained in the fresh food compartments with the help of two compressors, three evaporators and an array of sensors to keep produce fresher longer.

According the Richard, Separate cooling system maintains optimum temperature for each of the three compartments while giving consumers the opportunity regulate each compartment independently. Also, the separate cooling compartment does not allow odour to be transferred, keeping the original freshness.

Speaking on the premium luxury design Richard said the T9000 has a timeless design that will never lose its value of beauty even if the design trend changes. The smooth silver contoured body and real metal handle raises value to redefine luxury and elegance in your kitchen.

“Using 13 Smart Sensors, the T900  monitor internal and external temperature, maintaining optimal freshness inside.” Richard said. During the day when a user opens the door frequently and external temperature is high, compressor increases its speed to cool down internal temperature. And compressor runs slowly at the night when temperature is low, humidity is high, and door opening frequency is low and in effect saves energy and money. It also has the LCD CoolSelect Plus that delivers four pre-set optimum temperature settings. By selecting the pre-set temperature, you can keep items fresher, longer and in optimal temperatures.

The T9000 Smart Refrigerator has a unique internal design to optimize the store of all your food stuff and other groceries. With foldable and easy slide shelves, adjustments can always be made to make room for all items irrespective of the size. The to adjust for huge guards and counter crispers also allows the consumer to keep fruits and vegetables conveniently and also remove without bending. It also comes with exclusive features including Water Dispenser, Ice Maker, Triple LED lighting and an Easy Freezer Guard.

“The T9000 Smart Refrigerator is here to make lives easier and also to transform our kitchens. We believe that every home should get one to experience true premium luxury in food storage.” – Richard concluded.

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