Oh how? Samini says he doesn’t have a wife



From being touted as ‘The ladies’ to be being called ‘The man with many wives’, the self-acclaimed ‘King of African Dancehall’, Samini, seems to have shirked all those titles and wants the title, ‘Man with no wives’.

The dancehall artiste has revealed that, he is no longer married and has no wife presently, contrary to the known fact that he had two wives.

Making the revelation to Delay Frimpong Manso on the ‘Delay Show’ after some hesitation, Samini said that he had married two ladies at a young age with the perception that he was doing the honourable thing of marrying all the mothers of his children.

According to him, he felt he was doing the right thing but the ladies, after a while did not agree to the arrangement of being married to the same man and the circumstances of the marriages and decided to call it quit; so he is currently with no wife.

‘I don’t have a wife. Everybody has gone their separate ways. Thanks to civilization, my former wives decided to stop the marriage,’ he disclosed.

Samini defended his action of marrying more than one woman by saying: “where I come from, it is acceptable to marry more than one woman and it was my wish to marry all the mothers of my kids and make them comfortable. I thought I was doing the right thing but the women felt otherwise”

“Once you can take care of your wives and children, it is acceptable to marry the women as a responsible man,” he continued.

The irony of Samini’s marriage life which hit the headlines years ago was not about his marriage to two different women but how he did it.
In February 2011, Samini got married to Mercy Geker, mother of his daughter, Yelisun Samini in London. At the time, Samini was already engaged to Christian Aboagye Mensah, a Ghanaian-based in Canada and the mother of his daughters- Toyila Samini and Ayana Samini, unbeknownst to Mercy Geker.

Samini, on 10th May 2011, officially registered his marriage to Christiana Aboagye Mensah in a low profile ceremony which took place at the Registrar General’s Office in Accra in the presence of their children.

Samini currently has four kids, three girls and one boy from different women but he is not married to any of the women, per his account.

Samini is also gearing up to open a restaurant/night club called ‘Dance Sterdam’ at Dansoman.

According to him, the place will serve as a restaurant during the day and a nighclub in the evening; and will be opened very soon.

Source: RAZZ

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