Samini drops ‘True Say’



Ghanaian dancehall sensation Emmanuel Andrew Samini has dropped what could be described as a ‘conscious’ track, ‘True Say’, for his ragga fans.

After accusing Nigerian music duo P-Square of copying ‘Azonto’ and renaming it ‘Alingo’ in his previous single, Samin’s ‘True Say’ is a slow jam song which talks about the hidden truth about life.

“There is a saying that truth hurts but lies kill.

Ebi true say everyone wants to see heaven but nobody really wants to die,” the multiple award-winning artiste said in his latest song.

Since its release, NEWS-ONE can confirm that ‘True Say’ has the highest trending in Ghana on social platform

The ‘conscious song’, as he describes it, has got a lot of Samini’s fans tweeting how they feel about it.

One of the fans tweeted: “Meeehnn this joint got me hit on the #ReplayButton.”

Another also said he was feeling Samini’s rhymes on ‘True Say’ track.

“Most times we all know the truth but we always prefer to just lie. Ebi true say everybody wants to make money but nobody wants to work,” Samini said.

Samini recently came under serious criticism from Nigerian actress Tonko Dikeh for trying to question the originality of the Nigerian ‘Alingo Dance’.

Tonto took offence and poured her frustration on Samini, saying: “Azonto is Azonto and Alingo is Alingo”.

According to the Nigerian actress, respect was the key of life and she believed Alingo was Alingo and Azonto was also Azonto “so sit in your zone and stop throwing stones to the glass house”.

Several Ghanaians also suggested that the Nigerians were bitter because they did not create the Azonto dance.


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