Same-sèx marriage Law: Nigerian entertainers speak!

The anti-gay marriage bill was recently passed into law by the Nigerian government has been generating mixed-reactions both from members of the public and the international community. Entertainers Talkback brings  to you the reactions of some entertainers on the issue.Ego Ihenacho

We ‘ve pressing issues to address — Ego, Singer

I think we  have more important issues to address at the moment than the controversial gay law.  Really, I don’t think it should be the focus for now. Morally, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion  and lifestyle. So, that should be respected. I just feel it’s something that shouldn’t be our priority right now. There are other issues affecting everybody that are begging for attention.

Homosèxuality is a bad tradition — Mariam Elisha, Model

I don’t really have much to say on the issue. But I know that as a Christian, homosexuality is against my doctrine and I know it is a bad tradition.

It’s a welcome development — Sandra Bassey, Model

For me, it’s a welcome     development because encouraging same-sèx marriage is tantamount to welcoming evil into the country. Gay relationships have so many side effects, not to talk of condoning the union.

Anti-Gay law is harsh — Harris Chuma, film maker

It’s absolutely wrong. I think the law is rather too harsh. If  your religion agrees with the act carry on, if not refrain. Morally, it’s wrong to engage in the act but it’s infringement of fundamental human right of an individual to live the lifestyle that will make him happy without hurting others.

Govt. should tackle important issues — Ruggedman, Musician

I don’t care. I am not a gay. I just think there are important things the government should eradicate first, and foremost. Sèxual matters is not top on my priority. Let the government fix the infrastructure and empower the youths.

The law raises my hope — J’odie, singer

The law raises my hope that Nigeria is on the right  path to development. We are not lost, we have our roots intact. We stand for sèxuality of purpose and not abnormality and perversion. The world is moving very fast, but sometimes, advancement could be in the direction of  destruction. We may not have gotten many other things right, especially in issues such as infrastructure, education, politics. But we have gotten this one right. There is hope for this country!

The west has a homosèxual agenda — Lydia Owan, Actress

I think it’s the proper decision to take by any government.  There seems to be a homosèxual agenda being propagated by the western world. Banning gay marriage and trying to shield the minors from the ever evolving theories on homosèxuality is the proper thing to do.


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