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SAD NEWS: Actor Redeemer Mensah loses father

Ghanaian filmmaker Redeemer A. Mensah known for productions including “Run Baby Run”, “Home Sweet Home”, “Once upon a time in Ghana” and the yet-to-be-released “Elmina” has lost his father.

The unfortunate incident happened on Monday August 26.

Michael Mensah Agbodo passed away in his family home in the Volta Region, where he’s been living all this while as a retired civil servant.

“He was a nice and calm man.”

“Even though he was a medical officer he gave me all the support I needed to pursue my dream in the arts and I admired him so much for that. I had just finished junior high school and he was open to the idea of me acting at Kidafest and Funworld at the National Theater.”

A wake keeping will be held on September 21, in the Volta Region, near Saint Paul’s Secondary School (SPACO).

Burial will take place the following day.

He was 84.

Emmanuel Appea and Redeemer Mensah on location

Emmanuel Appea and Redeemer Mensah on location

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