Rukky Sanda criticizes people who dislike Nollywood movies

Rukky SandaPeople have complete discretion of what to do in life so would it be fair to criticize the options they choose or decisions they make?

Spending money to make a movie is quite expensive, the minimal amount being $30,000, so producers are eager for fans to buy copies of the money and recoup their money. But if fans don’t like the movie or refuse to buy, should producers be upset with them? Shouldn’t it be a collaborative and friendly effort between fans, actors and producers?

A fan recently provoked Rukky Sanda about the quality of the movie she made to which she had this response:

“Oh so I can’t f*cking deal with dumb lamb asses saying they don’t watch nollywood films and truing to criticize and shit**** f*ck your dumb ass.

If you don’t like and appreciate what we do, go make a f*cking Hllywood film if your lame ass can even make an amateur video.”

Should Rukky really have to say all that even if she was provoked? What is the status of celebrities if fans don’t support their work?

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