Road to the AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards #AMVCA

AfricaMagic Viewer’s Choice Awards

We’re in Lagos, Nigeria for the inaugural AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice AwardsWe’re incredibly excited about the glam event, but just being here is a phenomenal experience.

Join us for the Road to the AMVCA as we blog about all the good stuff that’s happening in the build-up to what’s bound to become Africa’s biggest Awards night.

The Road to the #AMVCA – Day 3:

IK Osakioduwa arrived at the venue to run through his paces with co-host, Vimbai Mutinihiri. We caught up with him in the lobby of the Eko Hotel as he was greeting the nominees as they arrived from the airport.

AfricaMagic roped in some of the judges and experts in their field to host masterclass workshops as part of the build up to the AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

Freedom Park in Lagos played host to a group of eager film-makers who received advice from award-winning cameraman, international Steadicam operator and Director of Photography with over 30 years’ experience, Ari de Beer, on Wednesday 6 March, while on Thursday 7 March, celebrated writer Femi Keyode engaged with other script writers about putting together the perfect plot.

Take a look at snippets from the dynamic workshop – you could learn a thing or two from Femi.

The Eko Hotel & Suites offer a beautiful view of the ocean, and the outside broadcasting units ready to beam the AMVCAs live via five different AfricaMagic channels, across the continent!

The Road to the #AMVCA – Day 2:

Following a good night’s sleep, made much better by an over-worked air con, we were reminded of the intense heat and humidity walking through to our buffet breakfast.

We’d declared this day an admin day and missioned to to get connected to the net, to the cellular network and to our colleagues in Lagos.

Traffic was a little tighter, but we made it to one of the cellular network stores in VI. We were warned that it might take a while for us to get up running, but two hours was was a
little longer than we expected. We quickly learnt through the experience that it’s okay to school anyone who’s taking liberties by saying, with requisite stern tone, “sir, can you exercise some patience please!”.

We then popped in to the M-Net Africa office, meeting the colleagues we have a long-distance relationship with, and getting an inkling of the incredible effort going on behind-the-scenes to create what promises to be a spectacular awards show. Now it’s up to you
to get social! Make sure you interact with it all by joining the #AMVCA conversation online.

We were also lucky enough to hang out with Vimbai again. Check out how she’s feeling ahead of the big weekend:

Now we’re on IK watch! So keeping checking in here for more from our other #AMVCA host.

The Road to the AMVCAs – Day 1:

After a long, nail-biting wait for passports and visas and a very early start – the joys of traveling – we boarded our flight from Johannesburg, South Africa to Lagos, Nigeria.

The plane wasn’t too crowded and so we passed the time napping and watching Nollywood movies. All in all a very comfortable trip – and quick on the clock, even though we lost an
hour changing time zones.

In just under six hours we touched down to all the noise and the heat that everyone mentions when they find out you’re going to Lagos.

We were on the flight with the AMVCA host, Vimbai Mutinhiri. We might’ve been flying across the continent, but that doesn’t mean our Star Gist presenter didn’t look her
usual glam self.

Just check out these rocking boots!

So, after getting our passports stamped, clearing customs and traipsing through
the very busy airport, we hit the traffic and headed for the bridge that connects the mainland to Victoria Island.

This traffic is a right of passage for anyone landing in Lagos, but luckily for us it
wasn’t that bad. It flowed quickly and just like any city-navigating cab driver in the world, ours weaved through the chaos armed with his hooter and a sharp eye for anyone wanting to cut us off. This trip isn’t for the fainthearted, but it’s definitely worth your while!

The combination of air con and sea breeze blowing through the Eko Hotel & Suites, our accommodation and the venue for this year’s AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards, was enough to revive us, and reboot our appetites. All checked in, all freshened up, we headed off to the poolside restaurant to enjoy a delicious pizza and good conversation
with some of the crew.

A good way to round off a day that came to an end pretty early for all of us tired sods. Next stop: getting to know Lagos a little better.

Source: AfricaMagic

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