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Rex Omar: Let Us Leave A Legacy For Future Generations

Rex Omar, one of Ghana’s legend’s in Highlife music is promoting his new single ‘Paapa’ a song which has solidified his music prowess making it a must-listen-to song by all standards.

In an interview on Suncity Radio 97. 1 on Showbiz 971 with Melvina Frimpong Manso over the weekend, the music icon offered an insight as to what inspired him in writing such a masterpiece.

According Rex, ‘Paapa’ was written with the thought of two categories of people in mind. Firstly, fathers who give birth to their children and refuse to cater for them and fathers who do not care about what school the children they have brought into the world go to, what they eat, where they sleep and how they make a living .

According to him, ‘money is not everything and money isn’t the only thing one needs to take care of a child but. One needs to be present in the upbringing of his/her child/children for the formation of character, among others.

He thinks with the lives Ghanaians are living now, nothing shows that we are leaving a legacy for generations to come. ‘When you look at our dear country Ghana, everyone wants to make money quick by whichever means, without thinking about our environment’.REX_PAAPA_opt

He went on further to say, ‘we are destroying all our lands through gallamsey activities, destroying all our water bodies, cutting down all our trees illegally without replanting them, drilling all our oil’ so he quizzed, ‘what legacy are we leaving our children for the next 100-200 years? With ‘Paapa’, I am sending a reminder to all of us, to take a look at our environment and also ask ourselves where we are going’.

‘Paapa’ is the first single of Rex Omar’s 16 track album and the response according to the music legend after the release has been awesome. ‘we haven’t shot a video for ‘Paapa’ yet, but the reviews are great’.

With Music legends the Maestro Kojo Antwi and Bessa Simons touting Rex Omar’s yet to be released album as a great musical art work, we can’t wait for the album to be lunched.

Rex Omar also says he is also very ready for shows and concerts with his New Ashanti Band. And since social media is the future, Rex has this to say to all Rex Omar fans ‘to all my fans, meet me on all social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ with his handle @iamrexomar and let us build the Rex Omar fan base.

Source: Suncity Radio 97.1

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