Rev Seth Baah makes waves with “Ultimate Weapon 5 Worship” album

When an innocent man of God is accused of fraud and dragged before the law court, it is the wish of such a person that, the Almighty God will intervene and clear his child from the hands of the enemy.

Also when God has his hands on you as his child, the enemy can only try, but it will be to no avail. From his clearance from the court recently after being dragged to court by an acclaimed church member, Rev Seth Baah can only be proud and shout “The battle is the Lord’s”.

Seth Baah is an American based Ghanaian Reverend Minister, a gospel musician, song writer with seven albums to his name. With 7 albums to his credit, the most recent one being “Ultimate Weapon 5 Worship”, the musical journey of Reverend Seth Bath has been fraught with tribulations and trials but praise the Lord, he has walked over his enemies.

The 15-track “Ultimate Weapon 5 Worship” album has songs such as “I am Coming Lord”, “Alpha and Omega”, “My God is good”, “Ancient World”, “God of Miracles” among others.

The album was released in December 2012 and its being distributed by Cebex Productions. In his voice, Rev. Baah said, “As a true worshipper, my goal is to inspire listeners to worship our maker. This album does justice to that. It ushers Christians into the presence of God.”

The album since its release has made very significant gains and touched people’s lives. Testimonies to that effect have been received from various countries across the globe, which is the goal to reach widest possible audience.

Known as a prophet and preacher of the word of God, Rev. Baah was ordained as a Pastor in 1998. He released his first album in 2006. Has a great passion for the gospel and worship, evidently through his electrifying worship music style that brings hope to the hopeless and the destitute. Major themes of his music are always centered on hope, faith and worship.

Reverend Baah is blessed with multiple awards. In 2008 in Italy, he picked an award at the Ghanaian Gospel Awards. He was awarded as the most popular Ghanaian gospel artiste in Europe. A year later in Holland, he picked a similar award.

Rev Seth Baah

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