Rémy Martin Launches Global One Life/Live Them Campaign in Ghana Celebrating Individual’s Multi-Talents

Rémy Martin Cognac will celebrate the launch its new global campaign, One Life/Live Them in Ghana on 26th February at the Shaka Zulu Bar & Restaurant.

The campaign tagline, One Life/Live Them, recognizes individual’s multi-talents and features personalities who exemplify the spirit of living life with many passions.

The One Life/Live Them tagline which asserts its grammatical difference, identifies that today’s consumers are not defined by one talent or skill, but are multi-faceted and should be applauded for their pioneering approach to life.

In Ghana, the campaign’s featured influencers are Jay Foley, a Radio Presenter /General Manager, TV Host and Aspiring Pilot and Steven Adusei, a Photographer, CEO and Petrol Head whose diverse personal and professional paths and interests are a true reflection of the One Life/Live Them concept.

Jay Foley

Jay Foley

“Today multiple talents are the ‘Slash’ way of life: work/life/passion. Using multiple skills and expertise to achieve excellence is the legacy of Rémy Martin. We know how fulfilling it is to bring talents out and with the One Life/Live Themcampaign, we have created a platform to celebrate the projects and talents of VSPs, Very Slash People,” says Alvin Saal, Rémy Cointreau Marketing Manager, Ghana. Globally the One Life/Live Them campaign has featured “Slashers” such as Hollywood Actor/Producer/Musician/Home Renovator,Jeremy Renner (USA), DJ/Author/Originator, DJ Jimmy Jat (Nigeria), and Speaker/Idealist/Poet/Jock, Mayihlome Tshwete (South Africa).

At Ghana’s Rémy Martin One Life/Live Them launch event, guests will experience the Slash lifestyle and enjoy classic Rémy Martin cocktails.

Steven Adusei

Steven Adusei

“We are very excited to launch the One Life/Live Them campaign in Ghana and celebrate with a new generation of Rémy Martin consumers who are seizing the many wonderful opportunities that life can offer, beyond the one-dimensional paths that former generations have embraced,” adds Boban Tomic, Head of Sales and Marketing for MDL/Finatrade, the exclusive marketer and distributor of Rémy Martin in Ghana.

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