Reggie Rockstone unveils ‘Rockstone Condoms’

GLO X Factor judge and Ambassador, Reggie Rockstone has outdoored his “Rockstone Condoms’ with joint collaboration with Konfrenz Advertising Company. The brand name condoms were officially launched on August 24, 2013 at Rockstone’s Office in Accra.

As a pioneer of the Hiplife movement which has evolved over the years and night life in Accra through ownership of the top flight ‘Rockstone’s Office’ and ‘Grandpapaz’ nightclubs, Reggie Rockstone believes in whom much is given much is expected.

It therefore holds on him to promote a responsible lifestyle among his club patrons, fans, followers and the general populace in extension. Although retired from the active Hiplife scene he still maintains a privileged relationship with the industry as the Grandpapa.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of his introduction of his brainchild hiplife. This major milestone makes it the right time to introduce this product to Ghana after years of thought, planning and deliberation. This further is his contribution to the zero infection or prevalence campaign against HIV/AIDS target set for the next few years.

He believes there is no other alternatives, but to drive this campaign with the same passion that birthed the hiplife culture.

On the other hand is the NGO, SAFELINE to which 10% of all profit from the sale of Rockstone Condom will be channeled, to fund activities of educating young women in protecting themselves from acquiring HIV/AIDS as well as prevent teenage pregnancy. The focus is to empower women as agents of change in the society. When women stand with a common voice to say ‘If its not on, its not in’, we will make gains in fighting the HIV/AIDS menace.

“Big disease with small name is frightening” – Reggie Rockstone.

Where to get Rockstone Condoms; Online Partner – (Pioneering the first-time online sales of condoms in Ghana), Pharmacies: Medimart Spintex, Jinlet Tesano, Pharmahaus Adjiriganor Pharmacy, Oson’s Chemist, Tablets, Accra Mall Pharmacy and Shops: Airport Shell, Laramart Osu, Osu Total, Harmony Osu, 37 Goil, Sonnimart Achimota.

Reggie Rockstone, wife with workers displaying the 'Rockstone Condom'

Reggie Rockstone, wife with workers displaying the ‘Rockstone Condom’


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