Reggie Rockstone: I joined V.V.I.P because they are community activists

Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone

The originator of Hiplife Reggie Rockstone says joining his group members Zeal and Prodigal to celebrate Eid- Ul Fitr, an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marked the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting at Nima and Mamobi in Accra was a humbling experience and service to the people who have supported the movement of Hiplife for many years.

He made this known in an exclusive interview on Showbiz 971 with Miss Melvina Frimpong Manso on Suncity Radio 97.1MHz over the weekend.

Grand papa who fasted with our Muslim brothers and sisters said, he fasted to seek the face of Allah through the month of Ramadan an act he has been doing for the past four years even when before  joining VVIP, with support from his brother and group member Zeal.

Reiterating the relevance of Ramadan and Salla-Fest, Reggie believes “Salla- Fest is a great festival, very divine and God smiles on it, a great time to break the fast and give thanks to Allah”.

According to him, serving the people who have been supporting VVIP over the years “is unique and very humbling, when it comes to Salla-Fest obiara ny3 obiara, you have to humble yourself before God’s children, and we are God’s children. It is a blessing and very spiritual and these are some of the reasons why I joined VVIP. Because I like what they do, they are community activists, they just don’t do music, they inspire the generation, just the way I inspired the generation, they have also done it, and there is no group in Ghana I could have joined but the VVIP. I have known them and been with them since they were teenagers up until now and they are my younger brothers at the same time”.

Reacting to what Nii Futah the chief of Nima said at the lunch of Salla-Fest 2014, on how impressed he is on seeing the peaceful relationship between Muslims and Christians, Reggie Rockstone says, “I am a Christian but fast with Muslims and this is where you know that it is God’s work and we have one God and we give prayers and thanks to God. My fasting was inspired by the Muslims and I find it to be such an honour to sacrifice to that extent for your God and it has changed my life and I have become so much closer to my maker, it’s an amazing thing so it’s one God, and it is actually a beautiful experience”.

Speaking on the calls for him the originator of Hiplife to contest for the presidency of MUSIGA, Reggie Rockstone says, he has prayed so much to his maker during the Ramadan Period and what God tells him is what he will do because, “my whole life, God directs my path and it makes it even better now because, I am now more spiritual and closer to Jah and may His will be done.”

Watch out for the new video to the song “The Book of Hiplife that has everyone in it”.

Credit: Suncity Radio 97.1 in Sunyani


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