Reggae Dancehall artiste Poncho causes stir with ‘’Wee Party’’

For so many times, there have been calls for marijuana to be legalized in the country but these calls are yet to yield any positive outcome. However, with the hope that  marijuana could be legalized sometime to come in the country, a seasoned Reggae Dancehall artiste , Poncho ,has taken the subject of marijuana and its usage to a different level with the release of a new single titled ‘’ Wee Party’’ set in the Reggae vein.

When you hear the phrase ‘’Wee Party’’, what comes to your mind? Definitely, I believe you know it isn’t the name of a new Political party in the country even though we are in an Election Year. ‘’Wee Party’’, the new single from Poncho talks about some of the things the ghetto youth would do with marijuana if it’s legalized. So in the song, Poncho talks about the fact that he would organize a Wee Party and involve his friends so they could have a nice time. He also noted that if wee is legalized, the ghetto youth would not have any issue hiding or running from any Police officer for using marijuana.



The song which was released not too long ago is already gaining grounds in some areas such as Chorkor, Mamprobi, Korle Gonnor and other parts of Accra and very soon, when the song is premiered on radio, it is sure to become an instant hit because of the message behind the song and its humorous nature.

Wee Party is a song you wouldn’t want to miss for anything. All lovers of Reggae Dancehall music who would want to have the song on their phones even before its officially released on radio should simply send a whatsapp message to 0266000456 for the song to be sent to them or access the link


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