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Re-defining the actress called Chiege Alisigwe

Chiege Alisigwe

Chiege Alisigwe

By Vanguard NGR

After featuring in the movie “My Love” which she acted alongside Ramsey Noah in 1998, Chiege Alisigwe disappeared from the silver screen without traces. But the pretty actress has resurfaced again in a talkshow called, “Chiege Re-defined.”

The talkshow, which is still receiving finishing touches, remains Chiege’s little way of giving back to the society  that has made her what she is today. HVP caught up with her during the week as she explains the idea behind the talkshow.

She said, “I believe mine is a talkshow with a difference. It has always been in my mind as a child to ‘give back’ to the society. For me, this is the time to give back to the society.

Sometimes, when people hear ‘give back’, they believe it’s all about dipping your hands in your pocket and bringing out money  to give to the people. What I am trying to achieve in this talkshow is to redefine things around my environment.

I am trying to redefine people’s views on  social issues, and how they see things around them. The show is for everybody and there is a lot of benefit attached to it. It is not limited to celebrities alone.”

When asked whether she has dumped acting,having been missing on screen for a while now,  the actress replied; “I am still acting. I have some of my movies that are yet  to be released.

I’m just trying to fulfill my dream. I am an actress and I have done a lot of movies. I am still not fulfilled until I’m able to touch some lives.”

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