Rastafarians “Attack” Nenebi Over “Weed” Lyrics

Poet Nenebi had his performance at the launch of the Ghana Music Week 2017 (March 5-12) interrupted when some men with dreadlocks started screaming at him for a line in his poem they found offensive.

The launch which took place at Alliance Francaise Accra last Friday, January 27, had musicians Ben Brako, Dela Botre, Jupitar, Knii Lante, Koo Ntakra and Fatau Keitta also performing.

Nenebi, who was the only poet on bill, performed a poem called Six Heads since this year’s Ghana Music Week festival collides with the Ghana@60 celebration. The poem had the lines, “Bebiaa Nyonkopon b) n’ampesie nu, 3h) na Obonsam nso s) ne wee (Where God boils his yam, is the same place the devil lights his weed), unsurprisingly, all musicians talk about in their songs are booze and weed.” A man in the crowd yelled at Nenebi when he recited that line and he was joined by other men with dreadlocks screaming at Nenebi that weed was not a devil’s thing. They also shouted other unprintable words at the See Me Naked poet on stage. It went on for a few seconds and Nenebi just smiled after they calmed down and repeated those lines and continued his performance.

In a post on his Instagram page, @hisneneneness, after the show, Nenebi said Ras Appiah Levi, the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of MUSIGA spoke to him after the show to apologise on behalf of the guys, saying, “the guys believe weed is a herb for angels so didn’t like it being associated with the devil.” Nenebi, who is also the writer of Just a Girl, a radio drama that airs on Accra-based Live 91.9FM every Wednesday at 10pm, also said in his post that he will be releasing Six Heads on February 28th, 2017 as part of his politically-charged playlist, Coke In The Flagstaff.

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