Rastafari Council Congratulates Blakk Rasta On His Appointment As A Tourism Ambassador For Zimbabwe

The Rastafari Council has congratulated multiple award winning reggae impresario Blakk Rasta on his appointment as a Tourism Ambassador for Zimbabwe during his recent tour of Zimbabwe.

Blakk Rasta was also given a Music Excellence Award for propagating the true African through music at the Zimbabwe Music Awards held in Harare.

The Council commended Blakk Rasta at a meeting between the artiste and members of the Rastafari Council of Ghana. Blakk Rasta took the opportunity to brief the Council on his tour which included a private performance for Zimbabwean President Mugabe, a concert at Mashona, the Great Zimbabwe heritage site and at the Zimbabwe Awards.

According to Blakk Rasta, there is a high regard for Ghanaians in Zimbabwe due to the work of the late Sally Mugabe, ex-wife of President Mugabe. Blakk Rasta also spoke of intimate moments members of his Herbalist Band had with Mr Mugabe who he described as very humorous adding that the President asked him if they had brought some fufu for him.

Blakk Rasta indicated that in his role as Tourism Ambassador for Zimbabwe he would have to arouse an interest in Ghanaians to visit Zimbabwe and witness some of the many tourist attractions there. He added that to drive this agenda, he would encourage Ghanaians to practice domestic tourism as a rehearsal for intra African tourism to take in the sites of places like Zimbabwe.


The Rastafari Council of Ghana is the umbrella Rastafari organization in Ghana and recently held its first National Rastafari Conference attended by over 200 delegates from around the country and abroad.


Ahuma Bosco Ocansey


Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta

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