Rapper Luaty Beirao Jailed For Rebellion Against Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos


Angolan rapper Luaty Beirao also known by his stage name Ikonoklasta, an outspoken critic of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos has been sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison for planning a rebellion against the president.

According to a BBC report, he was sentenced by a court in the capital, Luanda, along with 16 other activists who were given jail terms of between two and eight years.

The 17 activists who were arrested in June after discussing a book about a non-violent resistance at their book club was jailed were sentenced by a “kangaroo court” according to Amnesty International.

The judge convicted him of “rebellion against the president of the republic, criminal association and falsifying documents”, AFP news agency reports.

Angola is Africa’s second-largest oil producer, and has witnessed an economic boom since the end of a civil war in 2002.

Luaty Beirao

Luaty Beirao


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