Rana ready to shake Africa with crazy video for ‘Boys Kasa’

999903_4328220264045_94055043_nOut of Jackson 5 came Michael Jackson. Out of Destiny’s Child came Beyonce. Out of Nsync came Justin Timberlake. Now, out of Rana comes a young overly talented and blessed African act who is ready to carry Ghana and Africa beyond the globe:

KOBI RANA who prefers to be called RANA FROM GHANA. As the name implies in Hausa, Rana (the Sun) is ready to shine brighter than ever with a music video with so much creativity and originality that entertainers have started expressing jealousy through funny congratulatory mails and messages when the promising 25 year old released photos from the video.

Fans are gnashing their teeth for time to skip to the date of release of this unbelievable video. The title of the song: BOYS KASA meaning ‘Boys Talk’ leads to GIRLS DI NK)M) (Girls Chat).

“Over the years, I have been surrounded by so many rumours. To me, every rumour is good for promotion once my name is spelt right. It is entertainment. People must talk about you to show how important you are. So BOYS KASA is just my way of thanking gossips and haters for promoting my name with rumours.” He said.

The video has crazy dance tales with an army, ninjas, adventure personalities, spirit of Africa and the Ghanaian flavour.






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Listen to the song here:

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