R2Bees responds to criticisms of poor stage craft



The much bragged about 19 songs packed album,‘Refuse to be Broke’ was finally launched by the duo of Paedae and Mugeez as R2Bees who have registered their name when legends in contemporary music are mentioned.

With just one album in their arsenal, R2Bees wrestle with strong pillars like they have countless albums.

Over the weekend at the Silver Lounge, Accra Mall, the duo met the press and detailed them on how far they have come and also on the pros and cons of their work so far.

Members of the press who as usual cannot attend such function without sacks of questions started grilling them on the album and their endeavours.

One question which attracted attention was that the duo was been criticized so much on their poor stage performances, thus, what are they doing about it?

Answered by the CEO of R2Bees Paedae, he mentioned that, since Ghanaians are used to the usual choreographed performances of artistes that is why they have different view of their performances. To him (Paedae), he is a rapper and Mugeez is a dancehall act, therefore people should not expect them on stage dancing and choreographing like others.

As international acts who have performed in almost all the continents of the world, Paedae vividly explained to the press that, they do not see anything wrong with their stage craft so they normally do not respond to such questions and criticisms but since the occasion was specially dedicated to their updates, he could not swerve the question.

We wish R2Bees all the very best in their second Album, ‘Refuse to be Broke’.

Source: 233 Times

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