Qweci Initiates QWECi Online Concert (QOC), May 27

Singer QWECi formerly Ded Buddy initiates the first ever Online Concert which will take place four times a year but more as demand grows worldwide.

The concert will be streamed live from The Blow Music Studios on May 27 at 8pm. Fans will have the opportunity to watch the QWECi (Ded Buddy) live at their own place of comfort through PC, INTERNET TV or any MOBILE DEVICE.

The QWECi ONLINE CONCERT will feature other acts as well and will be a platform that will help Gh music gain extensive audiences across the world.QWECi Online Concert_opt For this exclusive concert Qweci, formerly Ded Buddy has partnered with both Ghanaian and international websites including YouTube and LiveStream who will help stream the event on the World Wide Web.

Qweci Online Concert is a must see so Grab your Mobile Devices, PC or Internet TV at the comfort of your location as we bring you this live event.

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