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Protecting The Bitters Turf: Kasapreko Staying Ahead Of Game

As a Ghanaian who believes in made in Ghana products, I was extremely happy when I saw and heard that Kasapreko has introduced a holographic security seal on its premium products; Alomo Bitters and Alomo Silver.

As an industry watcher, I believe Kasapreko deserves commendation for this effort. It is currently the only Ghanaian-owned beverage company adopting high-standard international practices by introducing the security seal to protect its consumers.

Kasapreko has raised the bar in the bitters industry in consumer protection at a time when many Ghanaians perceive that most bitters are produced in ‘backyards’ without pre-requisite quality-control procedures.

The Kasapreko hologram is a silver-like shiny strip, similar to that found on currency notes. It forms part of the plastic wrap over the bottlecap. Even though the introduction of the unique hologram will help consumers to differentiate the Alomo brands from others, its security intent to protect consumers ahead of unforeseen counterfeits is very proactive. This is a demonstration that shows the company cares for its consumers and their safety.

This pre-cautionary measure will obviously reassure people that they can be certain to trust the only authentic bitters on the market.

Though Kasapreko officials won’t confirm, it is an open secret that the company went as far as Germany and the United States to get reputable hologram seal companies to create the unique hologram for the brand.

I believe that this innovative security measure will protect the bitters market and also position bitters as favourite alcoholic drinks. I look forward to seeing the likes of Joy Dadi, Orijin, Pashew Bitters among others follow suit to raise the ‘bitters bar’ in the eyes of Ghanaian consumers.AlomoHolo

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