Prophet Maxwell calls out false prophets

GOSPEL musician Prophet Maxwell Boateng has lashed out at fake prophets to desist from their act before God descends on them.

On his song Adiyifo  Atorofoɔ  recorded by Danny Beatz, Prophet Maxwell is heard saying some prophets call themselves angels  and ‘abofo’ yet they cannot fly.

He goes on to express himself on the 3:20 minutes song that men of God should stop living expensive lifestyles and rather help the needy in the society.

He goes on to say the actions of these so called men of God are clear indications that the end time is near.

 Although the song will not move you hearing it for the first time, the lyrics are powerful and Prophet Maxwell says he wants everyone to be aware of the fake prophets.

Prophet Maxwell said he wants men of God to tell the truth and preach salvation rather than throwing dust into the eyes of innocent souls.

He explained that Adiyifo  Atorofoɔ  is dear to him because the song was given to him by God.

“I have always dreamt about the song and even though I ignored it, the dream kept coming back to me until I finally hit the studio to record it” he said.

Asked if the song was referring to Angel Obinim and Rev. Obofo he said not necessarily but’ whom the cap fits, let him wear it’. 

He has been to several radio stations promoting Adiyifo  Atorofoɔ and Prophet Maxwell said he would do anything to make the song a hit.

“I want everyone to pay attention to it and I am willing to go any length to promote Adiyifo  Atorofoɔ” he said.

The video of Adiyifo  Atorofoɔ comes out tomorrow, Friday, November 30 and Prophet Maxwell says he is planning a collaboration with Gospel musicians Obaapa Christy, SP Sarpong and Patience Nyarko.

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