Profile of Kenneth Nii Saki Sackey of Roverman Productions

Your name: Kenneth Nii Saki Sackey

Which Roverman plays have you been in? –

Unhappy Wives Confused Husbands,
Mr. President Your Move,
Terms Of Divorce,
Caught In The Act,
Dad is Mom, Mom is Dad,
Life is Someway, He Loves Me He Loves Me Not,
Different Shades of Women,
Trials of The Ghanaian,
Sins of The Fathers,
The Last Flight

What roles have you played?  (In order of plays listed above)

Bodyguard to the president of the World Bank
Ralph Arthur
Sam Asem
Pastor Peters
Emmanuel Aryee
Jama leader

Describe each character in ten words or less

*Nkwantabisa is a gossip who would sell information for favours.
*Sam Asem is a troublesome son who wakes up one morning to find his parents have switched roles.

What do you do on a typical production day?

It depends; if I’m cast then I go early, relax and prepare for show. If I’m crew then I make sure that I carry out my roles to make it easy for cast to go on stage. If I’m in front office then I help out with ushering and prize giveaways, or sometimes conducting interviews for our media fronts.

What do you have to say about the growth of theatre in Ghana?

I think theatre is existing in the country, and apart from Roverman Productions I have seen a few other theatre houses’ shows. I believe that when the business aspect is taken seriously and a lot more work goes into rehearsals and creativity, it is going to get better.




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