Profile of Effie Nkrumah of Roverman Productions

Your name: Effie Nkrumah

Which Roverman plays have you been in?

Mom Is Dad; Dad is Mom, Sins of the Father’s, Trials of The Ghanaian, Don’t Mess With a Woman, Apartment N1

What roles have you played?

Cindy, Librarian, Kuki Jacobs and Serwa.

Describe each character in ten words or less

Cindy – a playful, smart and cunning sugar daughter

What do you do on a typical production day?

If I’m backstage I am usually working on crew – setting up and helping to prepare the cast for the show. If I’m not in a production then I am usually out the front ushering, helping prepare giveaways and so on.

What do you have to say about the growth of theatre in Ghana?

I think it is sporadic and unstable. Theatre exists yes, but there are not enough small theatre companies opening and creating work. Aside from Roverman, Abibigromma or students at the school of performing arts, very few companies exist. Thus I would say, that although audiences are growing, theatre is not growing.





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