Princess Asie Ocansey court case discharged

Court case against Princess Ocansey discharged on September 18, 2013.

Princess Asie Ocansey, is a Woman of God, a humanitarian known internationally for her work in HIV/AIDS Medical Missions to the rural poor and underserved, as well as an expert legal migration specialist – a consultant to the Govt. of Ghana for legal migration, and CEO of Channels of Blessings Global Ministry and SOS Labour – the first licensed private employment agency in Ghana.

The SOS Labour legal Migration Programs were recently lauded by Kuwait’s largest supermarket chain, The Sultan Centre, when the Princess made a welfare visit to the Ghanaian SOS workers in April and May, 2013.

Princess Ocansey also visited Al-khandari, the respected licensed domestic workers service provider in Kuwait. Al- Khandari arranged for her to meet with all the SOS Ghanaian domestic workers in the homes where they had been placed in jobs to work professionally as domestic workers in accordance with the laws of Kuwait. Many of the families praised their domestic workers each of whom had been trained by Channels of Blessings in Ghana prior to their referral for international Job Placement by SOS Labour to Al-Khandari.

‘We, the Channels United Pastors (CUP) thank God that this case against Princess Ocansey is discharged’, said Evangelist Mensah Sarbah, Vice President of CUP. ‘My own daughter, Doreen, was spiritually and professionally trained as a Domestic Worker at Channels of Blessings.

Having acquired a skill, she joined SOS Labour where she was referred to an agency in Kuwait, after she had signed her job offer letter.  Upon receipt of her visa, she left Ghana, and is now working in Kuwait. She has been her tithe faithfully. I was so impressed, I introduced other unemployed ladies in our church who are now overseas working as domestic workers,’ he said.

‘‘I went to Kuwait to work as a Domestic worker overseas like all my other Channels-SOS domestic worker sisters, said Esther Owusu-Gyamfua. ‘Princess Ocansey has been like a mother to us all. This is a very strict program with a high moral code of conduct with a minimum age requirement of 23 years. With this good news, I know God will open the door for me to go back and work overseas – as I have not been able to get a job since I came back to Ghana,’ said Esther.

Information available from the Institute of Statistical, Social, and Economic Research (ISSER) at the University of Ghana in Legon suggests that approximately 250,000 young people enter the job market annually of which two percent, or about 5,000, find employment in the formal sector. According to research by ISSER, 23 percent of youth aged between 15 and 24 and 28.8 percent of graduates between the ages of 25 and 35 wait two years or more before they are employed.

“I waited for three years after school and had no job until I heard about Princess Ocansey’s program on Sunny fm radio,” said Abigail Tetteh a beneficiary of Princess Ocansey’s legal Migration program. “Now I have come back home from the Gulf on a short vacation to buy half a plot of land at Dodowa,” she said.

“God will continue to lift His Mighty Hand concerning this Woman of God who has been called to help many jobless as I was, to secure good jobs overseas the legal way, “said Thomas Jefferson an SOS beneficiary on a visit from working overseas as a Supermarket Stocker.

“Princess Ocansey is highly respected and has secured jobs overseas for so many of our brothers in Canada, US, Australia – many are earning over $100,000/year. My joy is fulfilled that she has been discharged. I pray she will continue her good work for Ghana,” he ended.

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