Praye Tietia left his ‘Marriage’ & 4 kids for Selly, Ghana’s rep to Big Brother Africa

Praye Tiatia and Selorm Galley

Praye Tiatia and Selorm Galley

I am usually unperturbed when someone wakes up and decides he/she doesn’t want their spouse/partner anymore and decides to move on to someone else.

Afterall, we all fall in and out of love. You cannot blame people for seeking happiness. My problem with Praye Tietia however is, young man, didn’t know you were not in love when you were fathering 1, 2 and 3 and 4 kids with the same woman?

You didn’t have a problem at all with being with her all these years until recently? All of a sudden you ditch her with 4 kids and say you have issues you cannot work through and proceed to get involved with someone you think is more suitable for your class in your opinion?

I was shocked when I sat in a salon and heard people diss Praye Tietia for leaving his wife for a ‘camel-faced’ woman with the whole of Azar paints showroom displayed on her face. LoL!

I was even more shocked when he granted the Delay Show an interview and admitted and stated his situation, and said he was in love with someone else who he would soon marry.

Really Praye? Really?

Anyway, prior to this, not many people spoke about Selly (Selorm Galley)-Ghana’s present female BBA representative. She first put herself in people’s faces when she contested for Miss Goldenwood, during which I am told she was already dating Praye Tietia.

But as you know, the more popular you get, the more dirt people will dig up about you. Although people will fabricate stories, this one is confirmed and true.

Selly has successfully taken Praye Tietia from his wife and kids (12, 10 and 6 years old) and gotten him to fall so much in love he has started talking publicly about marrying her.

Praye Tietia, we are glad you have found love but can you take care of the woman and kids you have left behind so we do not get bombarded with shameful stories of their destitution?

One older woman actually told GhanaCelebrities.Com how she sometimes has to help the woman and kids out with petty living finances.

Praye Tietia who happens to be the only child of his parents, has left this woman and his kids to their fate. He will not even pay the kids school fees, send them feeding money or upkeep. Nothing! Praye does nothing at all for any of his kids, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learned.

An amazing twist to the story after a lot of digging by GhanaCelebrities.Com is that, Praye Tietia is said to have vehemently refused to accept responsibility for the 4th child, claiming he is not the father.

He does not even want to see this woman anymore or have anything to do with her and his 4 children (3 of which he has accepted as his).

In this day of a very difficult economy, this woman has to fend for 4 children all alone while their father gallivants about town parading his Beauty Queen Selly (pictured above).

This just breaks my heart. Why a woman has to have kids with a man and then be faced with bringing them up alone—just makes me sick. Leaving a woman in emotional turmoil is bad enough, do not add financial turmoil!

Please Praye Tietia, do at least take care of your children.

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