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Pray For Our Icons – A piece from Chaana, Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2010 finalist

Praying for the icons of our society is as important as prophesying into their lives. It is high time our spiritual leaders not only prophesy but also pray and offer guidance as there are diverse challenges these icons face.

Unfortunately what we experience is the aftermath of the prophesies, which these spiritual leaders often see as opportunities to market themselves as prophets with special abilities. The question usually is… Are they spiritual guides/ leaders doing the actual work of God or Do they prophesy for fame?

Death is inevitable but often uncertain. I believe in living life everyday like it was your last because of the obvious; none is promised tomorrow but while at that be humble and kindhearted.

As a philanthropist I do not think you need to be rich, wealthy or comfortable financially before you extend help to those who needs it.  Humans will forget your words but will forever remember the impact and difference you make in their lives. Hence would not hesitate to share my last cedi note with one who needs it.

My foundation HINA NUMBU focuses on empowering the youth starting from the 3 Northern regions with special emphasis on females. They are encouraged and challenged not only to chase but design their dreams through the use of pageantry.

The foundation conducts free health screenings across these regions. This includes the screening done during the Dumba festival in Wa (Upper West region), the capital host a lot of people from various villages at the Wa Naa’s palace to celebrate the festival. The focal point on this yearly screening is on hypertension, diabetes, malaria and general body examination. Thousands have benefitted from this four years ritual made possible by family and friends. I am very grateful and appreciate them a lot for their continuous support. This is to say a good initiative will attract support with determination.

Salma Chaana Abdul Razak is the first Upper West representative in Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2010 to reach the final stage of the competition. She never stopped intriguing the audience with outstanding performances week after week showcasing the amazing rich culture and traditions of the Upper West region all the way to the finals. Efo Kojo of blessed memory was always impressed by the depth of knowledge Chaana exhibited on Ghana’s Most Beautiful platform.

After Ghana’s Most beautiful Chaana has been busy with Lead roles in television commercials for renowned brands including but to mention a few ; GTP, Hisense, Allure Spa, West Hills mall and Universal Merchant Bank.

Salma Chaana Abdul Razak

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