“Power To The People” campaign is not about the government – AJ Nelson

Ghanaian Hiphop/ Hiplife artiste, AJ Nelson has denounced assertions that his campaign, “Power to the People” is directed at the Government. He has said this because to him, he spelt out whom the campaign is for.

His reaction, according to AJ, is a result of comments made by phone callers about the publication he did recently to introduce his campaign to the world.

He states that despite the explanation made in the publication that he is leading this campaign to empower the youth in general to speak about occurrences in the world, he had received comments criticizing him of engaging in politics.

In an interview with AJ Nelson to find out his take on that, he said; “I want the people to know that I don’t do politics. I’m a freedom writer. I say what is on my mind and I promote positivity.”

He however admitted that the campaign aims at politicians around the world, but not for one person. “This campaign is for all people because it is for peace but it is against wars and false propagandas. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Yes it is about our leaders but not necessarily in Ghana alone and it is not about the current Government” he said.

He is calling on all persons no matter their position in society to join.

“Whoever is ready to support the movement is welcome; People in the streets, people in the ghettos, market women, Kayayos, people in prison, musicians, actors, it doesn’t matter whether you are black or white.”

AJ Nelson is an artiste with much focus on positive lyrical content in all music he does compose as well as release in Ghana.AJ Nelson “Power to the People” Campaign

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